Shakespeare – Modules 1 & 2 Test

WHAT: Today you are going to do a very quick self check quiz to see what you can remember about Shakespeare’s life and times.

By the end of this module you should be able to:

✔ State some basic facts about Shakespeare’s family life
✔ Describe the types of plays he wrote and their conventions
✔ Say something about the problems of Elizabethan life

Today you will need:
✎ A pen
☰ Some paper to write on

1) Get your pen and paper ready. Answer the questions below, using full sentences (for literacy practice)
2) After you have answered the questions, click on each one to reveal the answer. Tick the ones you have answered correctly.

Here’s a TOP TIP: When you answer the questions, there is no need to write down the question and the answer underneath. You should instead try to reword the question into a statement.
E.g. When Shakespeare was a little boy, he lived in…

✍ Writing your answers in full sentences will help your literacy!

1) What kind of school did Shakespeare go to?

Shakespeare went to a grammar school where he learned to read and write.

2) Who did Shakespeare marry?

Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway.

3) Name the theater Shakespeare helped to build.

He helped to build The Globe Theater.

4) What made it very hard for Shakespeare to continue working?

The Black Death (plague) made it hard for Shakespeare to work because all the theaters had to close for long periods of time.

5) Name a genre of Shakespeare’s plays.

Comedies / tragedies / histories / problem plays

6) True or false: both boys and girls could be actors.

False: only men and boys were allowed to be actors.

7) Which types of plays tend to contain spirits/evil forces?

Tragedies often contain evil spirits/forces.

8) Which types of plays tend to have lovers reunited at the end?

Comedies tend to reunite lovers at the end.

9) Which type of plays tend to make use of mistaken identities or disguises?

Comedies tend to make use of mistaken identities or disguises.

10) Who was on the throne during Shakespeare’s life?

Queen Elizabeth 1st and the King James 1st.

Well done for completing module 1!