Shakespeare- Module 9- Assessment

Hello Year 7 and Year 8! You have now completed all of the content in your Shakespeare unit of work. Well done! In this final module, you will put together all of your learning from the unit into an extended piece of work. This piece of work will celebrate all you have learned about Shakespeare! Your teachers will assess this piece of work and give you feedback. Good luck!

At the very start of this Shakespeare unit, we watched the following video by Michael Rosen. Watch the video again to remind yourself of some of the things he says about Shakespeare.

Assessment Title: ‘The Influence of Shakespeare on Our Lives’

Create a piece of work with this title. Your work could be presented as:

  • a powerpoint presentation
  • an extended piece of writing
  • a poem/ rap/ song
  • an oral presentation (recorded)
  • a playscript
  • a piece of art with a written commentary

This is an opportunity to be creative. You will need to think about everything you have learned over the course of this unit. You may want to look back at some of the modules to help you. You can also use your own research/ reading. Your work could consider some, or all, of the following questions:

Why do we still study Shakespeare?

What can we learn from his writing?

Why do people still enjoy reading and watching Shakespeare as entertainment?

How can we use Shakespeare’s writing to improve society?

What issues does Shakespeare present that are still very relevant in our modern world?

How has Shakespeare influenced modern writers/ artists/ musicians?

How has Shakespeare shaped our modern language?

Your teacher may choose to direct you to a particular task.

Good luck! This is your chance to showcase your learning and express your opinions. Remember to send your work to your teacher. Be ambitious and be proud of your work!