Shakespeare – Module 8: Shakespeare in the Modern World Introduction – 1 of 6

WHAT: In this module we are going to be learning about the ways in which Shakespeare has influence modern culture, from films to the words we use in our everyday conversations.

By the end of this study session you will be able to:

✔ Name some movies that reference Shakespeare
✔ Use some words/phrases that Shakespeare invented that we still use today

Today you will need:
✎ A pen
☰ Some paper to write on
♫ Some headphones or a space where you can play videos out loud

1) Click on this link to read a short blog outlining just some of the ways Shakespeare has influenced our modern society:

2) Watch this short video about the ways Shakespeare has influenced lots of popular movies (4 minutes). Do you recognise any of the films or phrases? List the ones you’ve seen or heard.

You may not think that Shakespeare is relevant to you at all and that your only connection with him is being forced to study his plays in your English lessons!

However, have you ever been “in a pickle” or had “too much of a good thing”? Perhaps friends have “eaten (you) out of house and home” or had you “in stitches” over a joke.

Many of the phrases we use today were originally coined by Shakespeare.

3) Look at the list of modern phrases that have come from Shakespeare.
4) Write some sentences using some of them.

I DO: I waited with baited breath to see if my teacher had noticed me coming in late!

– “For goodness sake” – Henry VIII
– “Neither here not there” – Othello
– “Mum’s the word” – Henry VI, Part II
– “Eaten out of house and home” – Henry IV, Part II
– “Rant” – Hamlet
– “Knock knock! Who’s there?” – Macbeth
– “All’s well that ends well” – All’s Well That Ends Well
– “With bated breath” – The Merchant of Venice
– “A wild goose chase” – Romeo and Juliet
– “Assassination” – Macbeth
– “Too much of a good thing” – As You Like It
– “A heart of gold” – Henry V
– “Such stuff as dreams are made on” – The Tempest
– “Fashionable” – Troilus and Cressida
 “What the dickens” – The Merry Wives of Windsor
– “Puking” – As You Like It
– “Lie low” – Much Ado About Nothing
 “Dead as a doornail” – Henry VI, Part II
– “Not slept one wink” –Cymbeline
– “Foregone conclusion” – Othello
– “The world’s mine oyster” – The Merry Wives of Windsor
– “Obscene” – Love’s Labour’s Lost
– “Bedazzled” – The Taming of the Shrew
– “In stitches” – Twelfth Night
– “Addiction” – Othello
 “Naked truth” – Love’s Labour’s Lost
– “Faint-hearted” – Henry VI, Part I
 “Send him packing” – Henry IV
– “Vanish into thin air” – Othello
– “Swagger” – Henry V
– “Own flesh and blood” – Hamlet
– “Truth will out” – The Merchant of Venice
– “Zany” – Love’s Labour’s Lost
 “Give the devil his due” – Henry IV, Part I
 “There’s method in my madness” – Hamlet
– “Salad days” – Antony and Cleopatra
– “Wear your heart on your sleeve” – Othello


Challenge Task: 
Choose one of the following plays: The Tempest / A Midsummer Night’s Dream / Hamlet. How would you adapt the play to appeal to a modern audience? Where would the story take place? How would you change the characters? What time period would you set the play in. 

You could present your work as a powerpoint, a poster or a mind map. Send your work to your English teacher!

This is an ongoing task for you to work on as you go through each session in module 8. The rest of the blog posts in module 8 will help you with ideas for this challenge project.