Creative Writing Setting : 2 of 3

Everyone loves a good story….

In this series of sessions we will be considering how to create a successful piece of creative writing.

  • The backbone of a story is usually the characters, the setting and the storyline
  • In the last session you were invited to create a character
  • In this session we will be creating a setting for your character to live in, have adventures and come alive!

All stories need a setting. This could be anything from a fantasy world to a city scene. It can be unbelievable or realistic. It’s up to you to decide. An effective setting really gives the reader a sense of where the story takes place and the world that the character inhabits.

Have a look at these images. What do they make you think, feel or imagine?

  • Jot down some ideas which come to you
  • Now have a look at this link which reminds you about how to use detailed descriptions using the senses

You may also like to refer to the post “Language Module 3: Writing about Place” which has similar advice.

Task: Now you are going to write a description of a setting for your character. It may be at the beginning of your story or you may introduce it at the same time as you introduce your character. This is a creative process that you decide so there is no right or wrong. You may want to use a picture to help you- choose one of your own or one of the images above.

These steps may help you….

Step One: Decide on the general mood or atmosphere you want to create. Some examples could be relaxationawe and wonderisolation and wilderness…. Why is your character there?

Step Two: Work with what you can see in the picture for example a list of basic nouns for objects and adjectives for colour and texture

Step Three: Be more specific and challenge yourself. Where is the place you are describing? Do some research into the specific type of landscape/ building/location you are writing about.

Step Four: Challenge yourself to use new and varied vocabulary. Look up synonyms for words that sound plain and basic- check they are appropriate for the atmosphere you want to create. Use at least 5 words that are new to you.

Now share your work with your teacher in the way you usually do