Creative Writing 1 of 3 : Creating a Character

Everyone loves a good story….

In this series of sessions we will be considering how to create a successful piece of creative writing.

The backbone of a story is usually the characters, the setting and the storyline.

In this particular session you will consider what makes an interesting character and create your own.

To start with…

  • Think about 5 characters that you have enjoyed watching or reading about in books, TV or films
  • Write them down 1-5 with 1 being your favourite– you will need this later

Now watch this 5 minute clip about “How to create a character” with your characters in mind.

To what extent do your characters show likeability, competency and activity?

Now you are going to create a character of your own by making a character profile. This profile will give you some headings to think about and questions to consider.

You may also like to choose one of these images for inspiration or find one of your own.

This sheet takes you through basic questions so that you can begin to think about who your character is going to be, what they look like and how they act etc….

Make it as detailed as possible because it will help you to think about potential story lines that they might be involved in

Here is an example of the level of detail your teacher would like. Sometimes it is easier to base your character on someone you know- real people are quite interesting!

Now share your work with your teacher in the way you usually do