Becoming a Writer: Speeches 2 of 4

Becoming a Writer: Speeches 2 of 4


The important thing about speeches is that they are designed for a listening audience. This is why the content (what is in it) and how it is delivered (the presentation) are both important.

Effective speeches need to have:

  • a purpose
  • an awareness of their audience
  • relevant content
  • be memorable and have an impact upon their audience

You will need

  • A pen
  • Some paper or English book to respond to some of the questions that you are encouraged to think about

Did you know? Being a speech writer is a professional job.

Many political and public figures work with a “speech writer” to craft a memorable and what they hope will be a successful speech.

In this short clip a professional speech writer talks about the art of speech writing. As you watch it think about the following questions

You Do:

  • Why is it important to “tell a story” in your speech?
  • Why might humour be important in a speech?
  • Why is it important to be knowledgeable about your audience?

Watch this clip

Now you are going to watch another speech. The speech is delivered by a young woman called Malala Yousafzai who is an education activist campaigning for girls to receive education in countries where there are many barriers. You may have heard about her. She received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 for her work. As you watch the speech, think about how she has crafted what she wants to say so that her speech is effective and memorable.

Watch the clip that follows and answer the following questions……

  1. Why is this a proud moment for Malala and a world wide memorable event?
  2. Which parts of her speech are humorous? Why? What is she trying to achieve here?
  3. What is her main message to the audience? Why is it important for her to give this message to them? ( Think about who might be in the audience of a Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony)
  4. Did you notice any repetition of words of phrases?
  5. How does she present herself in this speech? What sort of person does she appear to be to you?

Here is the clip…

Share your answers with your teacher in the way you usually do and keep your notes in a place where you can refer to them later.

Taking it further… you may wish to watch another speech from a young activist with a different agenda. How similar or different is her speech and approach?