Year 8 – DT – -Textiles 3

Design Brief

To design an up-cycled product using an item of clothing or furnishings.

Let’s Get Making!

You are now going to up-cycle an item of clothing at home and create a brand-new garment (item of clothing).

Up-cycled fashion

Extend your wardrobe’s lifespan by mending and upcycling an existing product.

Once clothing becomes tired and hole-ridden, don’t rush straight to the bin: try mending instead.

Up-cycling- also known as, creative reuse, is the process of transforming existing products that are unwanted, waste or useless into new products of better quality and environmental value.

Task 1:

Look through your wardrobe for an item of clothing you don’t wear anymore (it may be too big/small/broken) and try out one of the following up-cycling techniques.

You do not have to follow these techniques if you already know how you want to up-cycle your garment.

Up-cycling technique ideas

Well done! This is week one of four. Please contact your teacher if you have any problems.