Food 1

Recycling/ Living Environmentally Consciously

Design Brief
Sustainability is a multifaceted issue, in which the food production system and our diets play a crucial role.​

You have been asked to express ideas To Find Ways to Reduce Food Waste in order to become environmentally conscious.

Task 1: Research  (20 mins)
  • Your first task is to research into Sustainable Living/food waste. Things to consider:
  • What is food waste?​
  • What is the cost of food waste? ​
  • Financial​
  • Environment​
  • The Food Waste Pyramid​
  • Other – what else can you find out?​
  • Draw a detail Mind Map to present your task 1:
  • REMEMBER – Any information you find over the internet needs to be written in your own words. Do not copy and paste!
Task 2 – Analysis (15 mins)

Complete the following table. The first row is completed for you.​

Include the following:​

  • A description of the food organisation and the label ​
  • What is the main focus of the organisation?
Task 3 – Project-  (20 mins)  

Find the ways to reduce Food waste at home:

Your project can be presented through any of the following ways:​

  • Mood board – what have you found out through your research and analyis​
  • Poster – a detailed and descriptive poster to include text and illustrations, e.g. something that could be displayed int eh school food room or at a supermarket​
  • Short movie/ video clip (explaining the chosen waste reduction methods)​
  • A presentation e.g. a PowerPoint presentation or even something that you could present over Zoom to friends and family.​
  • Other – be creative
Task 4: Principles of a Healthy & Sustainable Diet (20 mins)

Complete the table by writing the description of the each statement in your own words.

This four week project will continue next week. Remember if you’re struggling with something you can email your Food teacher.