Year 8 – DT – Extension task

Recipe 3: Curried Potato Salad

This recipe uses potatoes which are naturally grown in the UK during this time.  Left over boiled potatoes can also be used to cut down on food waste, just miss out step 1 below.​

Please watch this video:

If you would like to have a go at making a potato salad, here is the recipe:​

750g salad potatoes, new potatoes or potatoes you have at home​
2 tbsp of vegan mayonnaise or plain mayonnaise​
1 tsp mild curry powder​
2 spring onions​
small bunch of fresh coriander (optional)​
salt (optional)​

Bring a large pan filled with water to the boil. If you have salad or new potatoes, leave the skin on and cut them in half.  Any other potatoes, peel them and cube them.  Add the potatoes to the boiling water. Turn down the heat and cook for 10-15mins or until tender. Drain and set aside. Leave to cool down. ​
Mix 2 tbsp of mayonnaise with 1 tsp of curry powder. Toss with the potatoes. Add chopped spring onions and chopped coriander leaves. Toss again and season with salt if needed.​

Serve at room temperature.