Rube Goldberg Machine- Week 3 – Making

Now it’s time to begin combining all our different stages together to make one complete Rube Goldberg machine.

Success criteria
  • Use recycled materials to make your machine
  • Have at least 3 different stages
  • Document your making process
What materials you could use to make my machine?

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Documenting the making process

•Whilst making your Rube Goldberg machine you will need to record the construction process. This will assist you in the evaluation stage in the final week.
•You can record your manufacturing process in a manufacturing diary. An example is shown.
•Please also photograph or film your finished Rube Goldberg machines as we would love to see them
•Good luck and have fun

This four week project will continue next week. Remember if you’re struggling with something you can email your DT teacher. ​

Good Luck!