Learning Objective:  ​

Evaluate positive and negative features about the product and suggest improvements. 

Quick Quiz..

1. What are the 6 simple machines?​

Plane, wedge, screw, lever, wheel and axle, pulley​

2. What steps should you include on a manufacturing diary? ​

Stage/Description and evidence ​

3. Why is it important to get feedback on a design?​

So you know how you can improve to be successful.​

4. What stage of the iterative design process are you currently on?


5. What was the product shared on DT invention of the week? ​

Helmets that can detect corona-virus sufferers

Hello Year 8! Welcome back to DT! We loved seeing the photos and videos you sent to us showing us your finished Rube Goldberg Machines.

Now that you have made your very own Rube Goldberg Machine, you’re all done, right?​
….Wrong! A good designer will always evaluate their finished product. It’s an opportunity to self-reflect and consider your strengths and weaknesses in how you approached the project. This will help you to do an even better job on your next project! ​

Task 1 Testing

Testing Template

Task 2 – Evaluation

Evaluation Template

Evaluation writing frame

Task 3 – Re Design