Food 1

Recycling/ Living Environmentally Consciously

Design Brief
Sustainability is a multifaceted issue, in which the food production system and our diets play a crucial role.​

You have been asked to express ideas To Find Ways to Reduce Food Waste in order to become environmentally conscious.

Task 1: Research  (20 mins)
  • Your first task is to research into Sustainable Living/food waste. Things to consider:
  • – What is food waste?​
  • – What is the cost of food waste? ​
  • – Financial​
  • – Environment​
  • – The Food Waste Pyramid​
  • Draw a detail Mind Map to present your task 1:
  • REMEMBER – Any information you find over the internet needs to be written in your own words. Do not copy and paste!
Task 2 – Analysis (15 mins)

Complete the following table. The first row is completed for you.​

Include the following:​

  • A description of the food organisation and the label ​
  • What is the main focus of the organisation?
Task 3 – Project-  (20 mins)  

Find the ways to reduce Food waste at home:

Your project can be presented through any of the following ways:​

  • Mood board – what have you found out through your research and analysis​
  • Poster – a detailed and descriptive poster to include text and illustrations, e.g. something that could be displayed int eh school food room or at a supermarket​
  • Short movie/ video clip (explaining the chosen waste reduction methods)​
  • Other – be creative

This four week project will continue next week. Remember if you’re struggling with something you can email your Food teacher.