Live Theatre Review: Frozen – Lesson 1

Live Theatre Evaluation of Disney’s Frozen at the Hyperion Theatre in 2017.

Over the next 6 weeks, you will watch a performance of Disney’s production of Frozen which was recorded live at the Hyperion Theatre at Disney in California in 2017 in order to critically evaluate the production as a whole.

You will be asked to Describe, Explain and Evaluate the skills used by the actors, designers and technicians in the performance.

Lesson 1

Your first tasks is to watch the whole performance of Frozen.

Here is a short teaser to wet your appetite.

Split the page into two and make a list of the Best Aspects and Worst Aspects of the performance. As you are watching the show, make brief notes about what you like and what you dislike, this could include;performances by the actors, lighting and sound elements, costume and set design.

Before you start watching the performance, you will need to prepare for writing your Live Theatre Evaluation. Don’t worry this will only involve grabbing a pen and some paper to help you remember key aspects about the performance.

Your notes don’t have to be very detailed, the main thing is that you watch and enjoy the production at this point. You can always go back and watch parts of it again to help you when you are writing up your evaluations. Now sit back, relax and enjoy!