Dystopian Dramatic Writing 1/4

Over the next 5 sessions, we are going to develop some creative dramatic writing based around the theme of a dystopian world.

You will learn how to research, plan and write scripts to communicate ideas to an audience.

You will need a word document or a piece of paper to complete the work each week. You can submit a word document online or upload a photograph of your finished handwritten work.

Each session is divided into different parts.

When you reach a task you need to complete, it will be in a blue box like this.

Part 1: What is dystopia?

Dystopian novels, films, comic books and tv programmes are incredibly popular at the moment.

We are also living in a world in 2020 that sometimes feels like a dystopian film.

Task 1: Look up the word ‘dystopia’ and write down the definition.

Task 2: Answer the following question – How does this theme relate to our current COVID-19 situation?

Task 3: Watch this video showing the Top 10 Dystopian films ever released. Write down the similarities between the movies described in the videoclip. Some of these worlds might influence your own work later on.

Part 2: Dystopian World Ideas

Task 4: Imagine you are going to create own dystopian world. Create a mind-map of your ideas. Use the bullet points below to help you.

You need to consider the following questions:

  • When is your story set? (What year?)
  • Where is it set? (Is it in a certain city, outer space, a new world etc.)
  • What has happened to the world? (Has there been a natural disaster eg. tsunami, earthquake etc. Is there a virus similar to COVID? Has technology taken over and how? etc.). You can completely use your own imagination and feel free to take inspiration from dystopian stories that you are familiar with.
  • Who is in charge? (Does your world still have political leadership?)
  • Who are your main characters? (Who would you want your story to closely follow; one person or several?)
  • What does the landscape look like (Is it a wasteland or full of technology?)
  • Where do people live?

Part 3: Characters

You need to invent some characters who are going to be in the opening scene of your dystopian play.

Choose between 2-4.

Think about who these characters are.

Task 5: Complete the attached character profile for at least two different characters.

In the next session, we will develop our dystopian ideas further by putting our characters into a script.