Year 7-Painting Using Household Items

You may not have paint at home but that shouldn’t stop you painting. With some creative thinking you probably have many of the things you need around the house.

Household Items

The items are just suggestions, you may find even more inspiring and unusual objects.

Spatula,fork, pastry brush, potato masher, pieces of pasta (wet or dry), plastic cups, tin foil crumpled up, straw (blow into it onto wet paint), cotton buds, apple (cut in half or the bottom), pencil Eraser, dice, marker cap, pipe cleaners, crumpled up plastic wrap, sponge, wooden skewer, fingers, yarn, leaves, loofa, cosmetic sponge, nail brush, wine corks, bubble wrap, toothbrush, toothpick, hair brush, comb, rubber stamps, paper towel/toilet paper roll, dish sponge, alphabet blocks, lego

Painting with Coffee


•You can use both instant and regular coffee to paint with. Instant coffee is a great time-saver—all you have to do is dissolve some instant coffee in hot water. Change the coffee/water ratio to achieve a lighter or richer colour. Darker hues will require less water than the lighter shades. Copy and paste the link below for a demonstration.


Make a copy of the drawing on the right. To make it more interesting consider taking a section of it and enlarge it or adding some of your own images.

Then use one or more of the painting items listed above to create an underwater scene.