Introduction to Shakespeare – The Globe Theatre

By the end of this lesson you will have an understanding of The Globe Theatre and how modern theatres have changed.

For this lesson you will need:
Access to the Internet and YouTube.
Notepad and pen/pencil.

Watch the following videos on YouTube:


Copy out and fill in the grid below with the differences there are between going to the theatre (or cinema) today and going to the Globe Theatre in Shakespeare’s time.

Hint – think about the staging and, very important, the experience for the audience.


Label the picture of the Globe based on the information on the videos:


(Watch the video again if you need to)

  • When was the Globe first constructed?
  • Why did plays only happen during the day?
  • How much does it cost today to stand in the yard and watch a performance oat the Globe?
  • What are those who chose to do this called?
  • What could you do if you didn’t like the play? Note – you shouldn’t do this anymore!
  • Today we talk about ‘seeing a play’. What did they say in Shakespeare’s time?

Imagine that you are going to visit the Globe Theatre in Shakespeare’s time.

Describe what your visit was like. Think about how it might have affected your 5 senses.
You will find information on the Internet to help; the Globe Theatre website ( is good, but you will also need to use your imagination.

  • What could you see?
  • What could you hear?
  • What could you feel/touch?
  • What could you smell?
  • What could you taste?